Carolyn Hart 

Corrective Soft-Tissue Therapy

What exactly is "Corrective"

Soft-Tissue Therapy?

I’ve heard a similar story from many of my clients:

"I injured my back (or neck, or shoulder, etc.) the other day so I went for a massage appointment at a spa (or hotel, or massage franchise, etc.) It felt good during the session, but it didn’t alleviate my pain. I’m still hurting".

One of the challenges for consumers of massage therapy services is understanding the skill set and training of the practitioner. There is no unified standard for massage education in California or across the United States. Massage therapists can have widely divergent educational backgrounds, technical knowledge, and scope of practice, yet still use the same designation, CMT, or Certified Massage Therapist. 

Many CMTs work in the personal services community. This style of massage therapy is what one most frequently encounters at resorts, day spas and the expanding massage therapy franchises. These massage sessions can be wonderfully relaxing and stress relieving; however, they are unlikely to resolve soft-tissue pain and dysfunction, even when the massage is referred to as "deep tissue".

Other CMTs align their practice with a medical model of therapeutic treatment. They still use the same professional designation, CMT, but offer sessions that are rehabilitative in focus. These therapists are typically well-trained in manual techniques, and their treatments are designed to restore comfort and facilitate healing. 

This is precisely why I refer to my massage skills as “corrective”. I’m not a "spa" massage therapist, although I am happy to help you de-stress. I am a firm believer in the restorative benefits of a relaxing massage session.

I am a Certified Massage Therapist with extensive experience in clinical soft-tissue rehabilitation. I've completed hundreds of hours of in-depth training in manual techniques, anatomy, kinesiology and pathophysiology. I use multiple therapeutic modalities including myofacial release, cupping therapy, and trigger point work to relieve pain and dysfunction. If you have a specific concern you’d like to address in your massage session, I'm confident I have the skills to assess your problem and help you "correct" it. If I can't help you, my practice is aligned with a community of skilled practioners in varied disciplines who can assist you on your journey toward health and wellness.
​                                                             Sincerely,
                                                             Carolyn Hart, CMT