Carolyn Hart 

Corrective Soft-Tissue Therapy

Pre and Post Natal Massage Therapy

Carolyn Hart, CMT offers pre and post natal massage therapy sessions focused on the health and wellness of mother and baby. Partners, grandparents and siblings can be included too (and even the occasional family pet). Carolyn is happy to work with all members of the family who wish to receive the healing benefits of therapeutic massage. 

Carolyn is particularly interested in the biomechanics of pregnancy and parenting. Many women experience soft tissue pain and tenderness during pregnancy and in the first years of parenting, including neck discomfort, shoulder girdle issues, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, hip/gluteal pain etc. Carolyn Hart, CMT has an excellent therapeutic and corrective skill set to alleviate these concerns.

Additionally, rest and relaxation are crucial to the well being of mother and family. Carolyn Hart, CMT structures her pre and post natal therapeutic massage sessions to address soft tissue dysfunction while integrating the restorative benefits of massage therapy during the transformational child-bearing year.

Carolyn Hart CMT

Certified Massage Therapist

California State License #57861