Carolyn Hart 

Corrective Soft-Tissue Therapy

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​Carolyn Hart, CMT

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"Best massage EVER!!I tend to carry A LOT of tension in my back and shoulders due to my work, and a massage is a wonderful treat for my overstressed muscles. Carolyn Hart is a miracle worker! She is that "therapist in a million" that can feel exactly where you need the most attention during a massage. It's almost as if she has muscle ESP! She found and focused on all of the most tender and stressed areas of my shoulders, neck, and back without my guidance and was very attentive to creating a quiet and relaxing environment during the massage. I now recommend her to all my friends for massage therapy" Courtney M., San Francisco

"5 stars for the amazing Carolyn Hart"

Pioja M., San Francisco

"Carolyn Hart is by far the best massage therapist I've found in this city. If you want a good massage, go to her!I received a gift certificate from my boss for Christmas: one hour massage at The Mindful Body. I had never been there before but figured, "Awesome, a free massage!"With my first full day off in over a month (I work two jobs and go to school full-time) I figured now was a better time than ever, so in I went. The studio is interesting. I love that I dressed down into a robe before the massage, gave me time to relax. Carolyn was amazing! I got the 1 hour swedish massage and it was heaven - exactly what I needed to melt the stress away. She used the perfect amount of pressure and I left lucid, relaxed and dreamy. Can't wait to head back for another next month!"

Stephanie J., San Francisco